The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing Review - Are You Guilty Of Telling These Network Marketing Lies?

If you are one of the 95 plus per cent of network marketers who are still spinning their wheels in this industry and not making any money then there is very good reason.


Let's remove lack of action for a moment because undoubtedly this will account for many failures within the network marketing business. But the truth is, there are seven prime reasons why today's network marketers simply cannot get off the starting blocks with their businesses.

Ann Sieg was a struggling MLMer for many years who did everything right in promoting her business. She made a list, attended meetings and poured her heart and soul into trying to grow her business. She was moderately successful but always hit a point in her growth where the large brick wall placed in front of her just couldn't be scaled.

Her main problem, one which is the core reason why many MLMers quit their business within the first three months, was attracting enough prospects into their funnel. She had plenty of belief but couldn't understand why she wasn't seeing the results in proportion to her efforts. Yet, she kept being told that perhaps her belief levels weren't strong enough or to attend more meetings or that everyone is a prospect.

The fact is, every one is not a prospect in network marketing. Sieg was finally fed up with the industry and decided to find out why it was some people were successful and the majority weren't. You know what she discovered?

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

Bottom line is, just about everything you've been taught about network marketing, to quote a passage from her report…"is BS."

Sieg set about compiling her report, The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing and knew deep down she was going to offend some people. Let's face it, despite more than 95% of people failing in MLM, there is still a propensity to get defensive when someone starts to belittle the industry.

Fact is, Sieg doesn't belittle the industry. She recognizes it as one of the truly great vehicles for the average citizen worldwide to create financial security for themselves.

What she does attack are the tired old mis-truths still being taught today in droves on unsuspecting new network marketers about what's required to build a successful MLM business. How's this for some familiar stuff:

- anyone can do this business
- every one is a prospect from your family, relatives, friends and strangers
- you don't need any skills other than being able to make a list or
- you'll have your business built for you

Do they sound familiar to you? Truth is, anyone can do this business but only with the right skill set. And those skills should be taught even before they join the business. Most people who join a network marketing business don't have skills such as marketing and promotion and to some extent sales.

And possibly one of the most irritating of The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing is being told one needs more self belief and belief in the business. Well, that's true but how does that get you the fuel to build your business, namely prospects.

The Renegade Revolution

There is a shift happening with regards to promoting network marketing today and we are on the verge of a new boom within the industry. The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing may have hit a nerve or two but now that the dust is settling, the growing numbers of renegade network marketers who continue to emerge every day is strong testimony to the message conveyed within the report.

The 7 Great Lies is a free report which you can download here. If you are set in your ways and still believe making a list and hassling friends and family is the way to prospect then don't download the report. It will offend you. However, like the majority of network marketers, if you're looking for a lifeline to pluck you out of the MLM sea of despair, then the 7 Great Lies is for you.

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